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Autodesk Ecotect Analysis - [AR]

"Environmental Analysis" For "Architecture Projects"

35 learners enrolled

Language: Arabic

Instructors: Ahmad AlQuosi

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Why this course?


Course Details:

  • "Autodesk Ecotect Analysis" is an "Environmental Analysis Software" that allows designers to simulate building performance from the earliest stages of conceptual design.
  • "Ecotect" combines analysis functions with an interactive display that presents analytical results directly within the context of the building model with integration capabilities.
  • "Ecotect" is different from other "Analysis Tools" in that it targets the earliest stages of design, a time when simple decisions can have far-reaching effects on the outcome.

Course Prerequisite/s:

  • No Previous Knowledge Is Required.

Course Level/s:

  • Beginner To Intermediate.

Course Content/s:

  • 326+ Minutes Of Video.
  • Work Files Included.

Needed Tool/s:

  • Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2011 Or Later.

Course Curriculum

Free Samples
Lesson 01 Getting Started Preview
Lesson 02 User Interface Preview
Section 00 Before You Begin
How To Run The Course
Player For Windows
Player For Android
How To Get Support
Download Work Files
Section 01 The Basics
Lesson 01 Getting Started
Lesson 02 User Interface
Section 02 Modeling Techniques
Lesson 01 Ecotect Modeling
Lesson 02 Revit Techniques
Section 03 Creating Analysis
Lesson 01 Visual Analysis
Lesson 02 Lighting Simulation
Lesson 03 Solar Exposure
Lesson 04 Thermal Analysis
Section 04 Creating Output
Lesson 01 Reports And Animations
Lesson 02 Exporting Files

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