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Adobe Photoshop (General) - [AR]

"Image Manipulation" Using "Adobe Photoshop"

94 learners enrolled

Language: Arabic

Instructors: Ahmad AlQuosi

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Why this course?


Course Details:

  • Have you ever taken a photograph and wished you could make it better? Have you a creative side that you want to express? Are you looking for a new hobby, or even a new career?
  • Knowledge in "Adobe Photoshop" will equip you with the skills you need to really transform your images. A firm understanding of the power of image editing will open up a whole new world for you.
  • In this course, you will learn the skills you need to enhance, edit, and create images to a professional standard and to add a whole other layer to your skill set as a designer or a photographer.

Course Prerequisite/s:

  • No Previous Knowledge Is Required.

Course Level/s:

  • Beginner To Intermediate.

Course Content/s:

  • 385+ Minutes Of Video.
  • Work Files Included.

Needed Tool/s:

  • Adobe Photoshop 2018 Or Later.

Course Curriculum

Free Samples
Lesson 01 Tools And Options Preview
Lesson 02 Panels And Workspaces Preview
Lesson 03 Adobe Bridge Preview
Section 00 Before You Begin
How To Run The Course
Player For Windows
Player For Android
How To Get Support
Download Work FIles
Section 01 User Interface
Lesson 01 Tools And Options
Lesson 02 Panels And Workspaces
Lesson 03 Adobe Bridge
Section 02 Layers
Lesson 01 What Is Layers
Lesson 02 Layers Operations
Lesson 03 History And Snapshots
Lesson 04 Navigation Tools
Lesson 05 Transformation Tools
Section 03 Selections
Lesson 01 Marquee Tool
Lesson 02 Lasso Tool
Lesson 03 Magic Wand Tool
Lesson 04 Select Menu
Section 04 Adding Text
Lesson 01 Opening A New File - Part 01
Lesson 01 Opening A New File - Part 02
Lesson 02 Text Elements
Lesson 03 Layer Style
Section 05 Desktop Montage
Lesson 01 Desktop Montage - Part 01
Lesson 01 Desktop Montage - Part 02
Section 06 Repair Tools
Lesson 01 Spot Healing Brush Tool
Lesson 02 Patch Tool
Lesson 03 Red Eye Tool
Lesson 04 Content-Aware Move Tool
Lesson 05 Clone Stamp Tool
Lesson 06 Healing Brush Tool
Section 07 Image Size And Resolution
Lesson 01 Basic Concepts
Lesson 02 Social Media
Lesson 03 Design For Video
Lesson 04 Design For Web
Lesson 05 Design For Mobile
Section 08 Image Adjustments
Lesson 01 Destructive Adjustments
Lesson 02 Non-Destructive Adjustments
Lesson 03 Camera Raw
Section 09 Masking
Lesson 01 Basics Of Masking
Lesson 02 Gradients
Lesson 03 Clipping Masks
Section 10 Vector Tools
Lesson 01 Pen Tool
Lesson 02 Paths VS Selections
Lesson 03 Clipping Path
Section 11 Animation Tools
Lesson 01 Making Animations
Section 12 Automation
Lesson 01 Basic Actions
Lesson 02 Advanced Actions

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