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Interior Design Specialist Preparation (General) - [AR]

A "Creative Journey" Into "Interior Design" World

686 learners enrolled

Language: Arabic

Instructors: Ahmad AlQuosi

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Why this course?


Course Details:

  • This course is a creative journey into the "Interior Design" world. Learn about the main concepts of "Interior Design" and explore the basic requirements that you need to get if you want to work as an "Interior Designer".
  • In this course, you’ll learn how to carry out a project; everything from finding inspiration to the final touches. Also, you will be able to select the correct "Finishes" and "Furniture" to get the best results.
  • Once you finish this course and get properly trained, you will be able to start your own "Interior Design" journey either as a "Freelance Designer" or by opening your own "Interior Design Studio".

Course Prerequisite/s:

  • No Previous Knowledge Is Required.

Course Level/s:

  • Beginner To Intermediate.

Course Content/s:

  • 848+ Minutes Of Video.
  • Work Files Included.

Needed Tool/s:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2020 Or Later.
  • Adobe Photoshop 2020 Or Later.

Course Curriculum

Free Samples
Lesson 01 Sketching Basics Preview
Lesson 02 Understanding Scale Preview
Lesson 03 Drawing The Plan Preview
Lesson 04 Mood Boards Preview
Section 00 Before You Begin
How To Run The Course
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Player For Android
How To Get Support
Download Work Files
Section 01 Manual Drawing
Lesson 01 Sketching Basics
Lesson 02 Understanding Scale
Lesson 03 Drawing The Plan
Lesson 04 Mood Boards
Section 02 Design Basics
Lesson 01 What Is Interior Design
Lesson 02 The Visual Language Of Design
Lesson 03 The Rules Of Design
Lesson 04 The Elements Of Design
Lesson 05 The Principles Of Design
Lesson 06 Harmony VS Contrast
Section 03 Design Styles
Lesson 01 Neolithic, Mesopotamian, And Egyptian
Lesson 02 Greek, Roman, And Byzantine
Lesson 03 Moorish, Gothic, And Renaissance
Lesson 04 Baroque, Rococo, And Industrial
Lesson 05 Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian
Lesson 06 Arts And Crafts, Art Nouveau, And Art Deco
Lesson 07 Modern, De Stijl, And Bauhaus
Lesson 08 Postmodern, Minimalism, And Contemporary
Lesson 09 Guess The Style - Part 01
Lesson 09 Guess The Style - Part 02
Lesson 09 Guess The Style - Part 03
Lesson 09 Guess The Style - Part 04
Lesson 09 Guess The Style - Part 05
Section 04 Space Planning
Lesson 01 Reviewing The Language
Lesson 02 Design Decisions
Lesson 03 Warm Spaces
Lesson 04 Cool Spaces
Lesson 05 Living Room Planning
Lesson 06 Dinning Room Planning
Lesson 07 Bedroom Planning
Lesson 08 Kitchen Planning
Lesson 09 Bathroom Planning
Section 05 Lighting
Lesson 01 Light And Lighting
Lesson 02 How We See
Lesson 03 Properties Of Light
Lesson 04 Color Rendering Index
Lesson 05 Natural Light
Lesson 06 Natural Light Devices
Lesson 07 Artificial Light
Lesson 08 Light Types By Usage
Lesson 09 Light Types By Energy
Lesson 10 Light Types By Fitting
Lesson 11 Examples
Lesson 12 Lighting Plans
Lesson 13 Terms And Definitions
Section 06 Adding Colors
Lesson 01 About Colors
Lesson 02 Colors And The Language
Lesson 03 Main Guidelines
Lesson 04 Colors And Light
Lesson 05 Color Psychology
Lesson 06 Properties Of Color
Lesson 07 The Color Wheel
Lesson 08 Color Harmonies
Lesson 09 Colors And Space
Lesson 10 Sampling Colors
Section 07 Materials And Finishes
Lesson 01 Introduction And Painting
Lesson 02 Render And Wainscoting
Lesson 03 Wallpaper And Mirrors
Lesson 04 Wall Art, Wood, And Hardware
Lesson 05 Natural And Artificial Tiles
Lesson 06 Concrete And Carpet
Lesson 07 GWB, Openings, And Acoustics
Section 08 Furniture, Art, And Accessories
Lesson 01 Introduction, Upholstery, And Quality
Lesson 02 Comfort, Scale, And Color
Lesson 03 Texture, Cabinetry, And New Pieces
Lesson 04 Materials, Art, And Photographs
Lesson 05 Murals, Objects, And Presentation
Section 09 Decorative Textiles And Fabrics
Lesson 01 Textiles And Patterns
Lesson 02 Upholstery And Curtain Fabrics
Lesson 03 Wall Coverings, Floor Coverings, And Linen
Lesson 04 Textile Science And Printing
Lesson 05 Specifying Fabrics And Abbreviations
Section 10 Working With Clients
Lesson 01 Introduction, Reasons, And First Meeting
Lesson 02 Questions, Second Meeting, And Money Talk
Lesson 03 Final Design, Scheduling, And Paperwork
Section 11 Visual Communication
Lesson 01 Tools And Orthographic Drawings
Lesson 02 Symbols And Presenting Materials
Lesson 03 Axonometric And Perspective Drawings
Section 12 Interior Design Business
Lesson 01 Business Tools
Lesson 02 Your Portfolio
Lesson 03 Finding Clients
Section 13 Adobe Photoshop Basics
Lesson 01 User Interface
Lesson 02 Selection Tools
Lesson 03 Using Layers
Lesson 04 Mood Board Creation

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