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Landscape Design Specialist Preparation - [AR]

A "Creative Journey" Into "Landscape Design" World

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Language: Arabic

Instructors: Ahmad AlQuosi

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Why this course?


Course Details:

  • People have practiced "Landscaping" for centuries. As far back as the "Ancient Egyptians", humans were manipulating the land for both aesthetic and practical reasons.
  • Changes to the existing terrain by cutting or filling, the construction of new structures, the addition of walkways, pergolas, water features, and plants are all part of "Landscaping".
  • Today "Landscaping" refers to the planning, laying out, and construction of green spaces that enhance the appearance and create useable areas for outdoor activities around buildings.

Course Prerequisite/s:

  • No Previous Knowledge Is Required.

Course Level/s:

  • Beginner To Intermediate.

Course Content/s:

  • 481+ Minutes Of Video.
  • Work Files Included.

Needed Tool/s:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2020 Or Later.
  • Adobe Photoshop 2020 Or Later.

Course Curriculum

Free Samples
Lesson 01 Welcome To The Course Preview
Section 00 Before You Begin
How To Run The Course
Player For Windows
Player For Android
How To Get Support
Download Work Files
Section 01 Introduction
Lesson 01 Welcome To The Course
Section 02 Starting The Project
Lesson 01 Definitions And Taking Measurements
Lesson 02 Base Map And Concept Diagram
Section 03 Schematic Design
Lesson 01 Horizontal Elements
Lesson 02 Vertical Elements
Section 04 Planting Design
Lesson 01 Planting Principles And Types
Lesson 02 Identification And Categorization
Section 05 Design Development
Lesson 01 Annotations And Symbols
Lesson 02 Labels And Textures
Section 06 Landscaping Business
Lesson 01 Sections And Elevations
Lesson 02 Practical Business Steps
Section 07 Landscape Maintenance
Lesson 01 Turfgrass Maintenance
Lesson 02 Plants And Soil Maintenance

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