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BIM Management - [AR]

Stand Out From "The Herd", Become A "BIM Manager"

165 learners enrolled

Language: Arabic

Instructors: Niqat Instructors (BIM)

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Why this course?


Course Details:

  • When industries get disrupted current positions change and new roles appears. With the current "BIM Management" skills shortage your opportunity is huge.
  • "BIM Management" is a broad topic, you may start with either the "Theoretical Experience" and add the "Real-World Experience" later, or vice-versa.
  • This course will provide you a solid understanding of the "BIM Manager" role, and will prepare you for the prosperous world of "BIM Management".

Course Prerequisite/s:

  • No Previous Knowledge Is Required.

Course Level/s:

  • Beginner To Intermediare To Advanced.

Course Content/s:

  • 1278+ Minutes Of Video.
  • Work Files Included.

Needed Tool/s:

  • Autodesk AEC Collection 2021 Or Later.
  • Miscellaneous Software Packages And Plug-Ins.

Course Curriculum

Free Samples
Section 01 Basic Concepts Preview
Section 02 Information Management Preview
Section 00 Before You Begin
How To Run The Course
Player For Windows
Player For Android
How To Get Support
Download Work Files
Section 01 Basic Concepts
Lesson 01 A Brief History Of CAD And BIM
Lesson 02 Definitions, Dimensions, Levels, And LOD
Lesson 03 Project Delivery Methods
Lesson 04 National And International Standards
Lesson 05 buildingSMART And openBIM Terminology
Lesson 06 COBie As An openBIM Movement
Lesson 07 The Common Data Environment
Lesson 08 Clash Avoidance And Clash Detection
Lesson 09 Classification Systems
Lesson 10 BIM Manager Roles
Section 02 Information Management
Lesson 01 What Is BIM Again
Lesson 02 Project Information Management
Lesson 03 Requirements For Information
Lesson 04 Organizational Information Requirements
Lesson 05 PIRs, DIRs, CIRs, And EIRs
Lesson 06 Invitation To Tender
Lesson 07 Tender Response And Appointments
Lesson 08 Production Planning
Lesson 09 Delivery Planning
Lesson 10 Collaborative Workflow
Section 03 openBIM Practices

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